To M.C. Clark Consulting

North American Director of NINO Birth Training, IBCLC, RCP, RMT, CSTI, Mom

Nurturing the culture of breastfeeding and family bonding through transformative education for medical professionals and community-based advocates

Kangaroula Mother Care

Education on the neuroscience of birth and infant development in the first minutes of life for medical professionals and community-based providers to improve outcomes and increase family bonding

Medical Professionals

Customized seminars and consulting to meet the educational needs of your facility on a range of lactation topics that promote family-centered care with a specialty in Baby Friendly competency training

Community-based Providers

Education for those who serve mothers, babies, and families to improve outcomes and increase family bonding — essential for Le Leche League leaders, peer counselors, doulas, and childbirth educators
Chris Clark is a passionate professional with knowledge based on her extensive study, years of experience, and personal history as the mother of four children including one preemie.  She was in fact the first mother in the USA of a small preemie to do skin-to-skin contact (kangaroo care), in which subject she has particular insights. Her profound training nurtures mother, child, and family long after they leave the hospital.  I recommend her work for every hospital in the western world. Dr. Nils Bergman

MB ChB; Masters in Public Health; Ph. D. Clinical Pharmacology, Senior Lecturer in Pediatrics, University of Cape Town Research Associate, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

A major focus for HealthPartners is improving the health and well-being of children from pregnancy to age 5. Our organization strongly believes that breastfeeding is a key component to ensuring optimal child development and health, and I can’t emphasize enough how hugely important Chris is to this work! Megan A. Granger

Communications Consultant, HealthPartners -- St. Paul