About M.C. Clark Consulting

Chris Clark, IBCLC, RCP, RMP
Chris Clark has been an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 1999.  She has spent almost three decades counseling nursing women Рwith involvement in La Leche League, mother support groups, high risk birthing centers, rural hospitals, and as a WIC peer counselor. She has worked as a doula, respiratory therapist, and cardiac rehab specialist.

Chris is credited with bringing Kangaroo Care to the United States, after her last child was born prematurely at United Hospital in St. Paul. After her successful piloting and advocacy of this treatment, the hospital began a program to encourage other parents to try skin to skin to improve outcomes for premies. As the founder and director of BlessingWay Family Services, she has developed and implemented numerous initiatives including mother to mother mentoring programs, promotion of kangaroo care, and mentoring aspiring Lactation Consultants.

Chris Clark’s experience includes:

  • IBCLC certification 1999, recertification 2009 Private Practice, Clinic and High Risk Birth Centers
  • 2001 Founder and Director of Blessingway Family Services
  • Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner for 30 years
  • Birth and Postpartum Doula 1998-2005
  • Birth and Breastfeeding Education for Parents
  • Education and training for Health Care Professionals and Families
  • Baby Friendly Trainer 20 Hour Course
  • Certified to implement Skin to Skin programs
  • Respiratory Care Practitioner 1978
  • Mother of four breastfed children
  • Experience personally and professionally working with premature babies, their parents, and NICU staff
  • Reiki Master
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy for Infants and Subtle Hands on Healing
Just wanted to know that I heard fabulous feedback from your training today! They loved the presentation – thought it was interesting and easy to follow, and thought it was great information to have to support the work they do. I couldn’t be happier to hear this! Also, I am amazed at how many staff chose to attend – just about everyone we invited!
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