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As a lactation educator, Chris’s greatest joy is teaching receptive learners. Her understanding of breastfeeding comes from her passion for mothering her own children, one of whom was born prematurely. She combines this practical experience with neuroscience, evidence-based medicine, and decades of work as a lactation consultant.   Professional lactation consultants, doulas, Le Leche League leaders, peer counselors, childbirth educators, and breast feeding counselors will find her presentations warm, funny, and informative.

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Helping with a Breastfeeding

Late Pre-term Babies and Breastfeeding

 When Mother Returns to Work

Milk Supply Concerns

A Baby’s Remarkable First Hour

Mother and Child on Baby’s First Day

Thank you! Enjoyable, rich insightful, It was a great day that went by fast. Thank you for all you do for mommas and babies!

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